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 21/09/2018  WSET sessions 2nd semester 2018

Here are the upcoming dates for our WSET courses in Bordeaux:
Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits: 8, 9 and 12 November 2018
Level 3 Award in Wine: 29, 30 November, 6, 7 and 17 December 2018
Minette Constant, Master of Wine will be teaching the course  click here

 21/05/2018  Winevox’s Californian tour

3rd edition of the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc Californian tour run by Winevox. Literally hundreds of people had the chance to taste these wines through the various events we put together: San Diego for the trade, at Facebook’s HQ and a record breaking attendance of over 400 people at Google’s HQ!

 08/02/2018  Exclusive Winevox seminar with Eric Asimov of the New York Times

Winevox was delighted to welcome to Bordeaux today Eric Asimov, wine writer of the New York Times to host a seminar about the US wine market. Plenty of topics were discussed, from social media, the influence of somms, the perceptions of Bordeaux wines in the US. Thanks to the chateaux and generic groups that attended, I’m sure Eric has left you with lots of things to think about. But remember as he said, the key thing is to Love Wine.

 07/02/2018  Exclusive Winevox seminar with Eric Asimo of the New York Times

Winevox was delighted to welcome to Bordeaux today Eric Asimov, wine writer of the New York Times to host a seminar about the US wine market. Plenty of topics were discussed, from social media, the influence of somms, the perceptions of Bordeaux wines in the US. Thanks to the chateaux and generic groups that attended, I’m sure Eric has left you with lots of things to think about.

 28/08/2017  Winevox - summer 2017 Ginette rosé in the Hamptons

More from the Hamptons with Cottages & Gardens the 2nd wine sponsor for the cocktail party was Vignerons Catalans with their Ginette rosé that the guests enjoyed while visiting the beautiful offices and gardens of Landscape Details

 28/08/2017  Winevox - summer 2017 Chateau de la Dauphine rosé in the Hamptons

Winevox worked with Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Magazine for the opening of the new offices of Landscape Details. One of the rosé wine sponsors was Chateau de La Château de La Dauphine. 100 VIP guests attended the cockatil, including famous actress Brooke Shields!

 09/08/2017  WSET calendar second semester 2017

Our next WSET courses will take place in Bordeaux:

Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits: 9, 10 and 13 November
Level 3 Award in Wine: 23, 24, 30 November, 1 and 11 December

Courses taught by Master of Wine Minette Constant, in English  click here

 07/06/2017  Masterclass in London for the 20th anniversary of Chateau Malartic-Lagravière

To celebrate the Bonnie family’s 20th year at Chateau Malartic-Lagravière, Winevox organised a masterclass in London for UK buyers, sommeliers, educators at 67 Pall Mall. After tasting several vintages from the last 20 years, we ended with a blind tasting quiz: 5 very happy winners found the right vintage (2005) and are lucky to be invited to the estate!

 02/05/2017  Winevox - Californian Tour

First week of April, Winevox hosted a number of tastings for the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc in California. Trade & consumer seminar in LA with the North American Sommellerie Association, then in Mountainview at Google HQ followed by the virtual reality start-up STRIVR and Stanford University Wine Society. Intense, educational and fun!

 26/03/2017  Press dinner in London with Kolonist winery, Domaines Rollan de By and le Faiseur de Vin

Winevox worked with le Faiseur de Vin to organise a press dinner for two estates consulted by Olivier Dauga. East and West got together with Kolonist Winery from Ukraine and Domaines Rollan de By from Bordeaux. The British journalists and bloggers found this match quite original. For many it was a chance to discover wines from Ukraine and also a great pleasure to re-discover some great Medocs such as Greysac and Rollan de By!

 10/02/2017  WSET Level 3 Award in Wine

Registration is now open for the WSET Level 3 Award in Wine
The class will take place in Bordeaux on 11, 12, 18, 19 and 29 May
Taught by Master of Wine, Minette Constant  click here

 22/11/2016  WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits: 9, 10 and 13 février 2017

Our next session of WSET Level 2 will take place in Bordeaux on 9, 10 and 13 February 2017
Session in English taught by Minette Constant, Master of Wine  click here

 30/09/2016  WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits : 1st, 2nd and 5th December

Winevox is organising the next session of WSET Level 2 on 1st, 2nd and 5th December in Bordeaux. Master of Wine tutor Minette Constant will be teaching the course. Please contact us to sign up  click here

 28/09/2016  Crus Bourgeois Trade and Press Tasting in London

Winevox and their partner Phillips-Hill organised for the 7th year the Crus Bourgeois Official Selection (vintage 2014) for the UK trade and press. It is always a pleasure to see journalists and buyers who are come every year to taste this category of Bordeaux wines. This year we had great help from student sommeliers who provided high quality service of the same standards as the wines.

 04/05/2016  Winevox students pass WSET Diploma

Two students who studied WSET Level 3 with Winevox just passed the level 4 Diploma at WSET’s London School where they started the course two years ago.
International Sales Directors for Nadalié Cooperage, Didier Laporte and Christophe Issartier are thrilled by the news.
"« The first time I took the Level 3 WSET with Gabrielle Shaw and Winevox, I would not have imagined that 3 years later I would achieve the Diploma. It was a memorable experience for me and allowed me to increase my knowledge for my work and to build up my network. It was challengng but really worth it!" explains Didier Laporte.

 04/03/2016  Californian Masterclass Tour

What a pleasure it was last month to host tastings classes for the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc in California. Over 250 people met throughout the programme from Berkeley University, Stanford University, UC Davis & Google! For many it was a delight to discover the wines and get a better understanding of the Cru Bourgeois quality procedure that has been working for over 6 years now.

 03/10/2015  WSET Level 2 - Registration for session on 26, 27 and 30 November

Winevox are organising the Level 2 of WSET on 26, 27 and 30 November in Bordeaux. This highly recognised qualification will enable you to improve your knowledge on wines of the world. Contact us for more details

 16/09/2015  Winevox mentioned in the Institute of Master of Wine Annual Report

Brinda Bourhis, President of Winevox received a nice mention in the annual report of the prestigious Institute of Master of Wine. Last spring, we worked with the Conseil des Grands Crus Classés 1855 to receive a group of 40 first year students of this rigorous qualification. Here is an extract from the report “Guided throughout by the delightful and highly
professional Brinda Bourhis, we spent an
afternoon and evening in Sauternes...". We look forward to welcoming new students next year!

 14/09/2015  Crus Bourgeois du Médoc UK road tour

Back to work after the summer holidays, Winevox helped the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc organise a series of events in the UK. First stop, Bristol where we hosted a tasting and dinner for the members of the local Commanderie de Bordeaux. The guests were delighted to discover a wide range of vintages from 2008-2012 and to meet with some representatives of Cru Bourgeois estates. We then headed to Manchester for the Indie WIne Festival pouring wines at the lovely venue, the Great Hall in the town hall. This was followed by a dinner for members of the Commanderie de Bordeaux, Manchester chapter. The guests were keen to learn more about this category of wines especially since they rarely get visitors from Bordeaux chateaux...once again the Cru Bourgeois are innovators in the wine world!

 11/05/2015  WSET Level 3 in July

The next session of WSET Level 3 will be on 2, 3, 6, 7 and 17 July in Bordeaux
Gabrielle Shaw, Master of Wine will teach this advanced course in tasting and understanding the wines of the world  click here

 04/05/2015  Masterclass on Crus Bourgeois du Médoc at Yale University

As part of the ’ambassador programme Crus Bourgeois USA’ that Winevox is in charge of, we hosted a masterclass at the prestigious Yale University. The law students and members of the Wine Society of Yale took the time to come taste the wines and learn more about the quality approach system implemented by the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc...and just a few weeks away from their final exams. Thanks for your support Yale!

 11/03/2015  WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits on 15, 16 and 22 April 2015

Registration is open for the next WSET Level 2 session on 15, 16 and 22 April.
Winevox and their skilled educator Gabrielle Shaw MW have been teaching WSET courses since 2009 to professionals in the wine trade who highly recommend our expertise for this internationally renowned qualification.  click here

 10/03/2015  Winevox’s website

Winevox has updated its website

 22/09/2014  WSET 2 Award in Wines & Spirits on 18, 19 and 22 December

Registration is now open for the next session of WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits. With the expert guidance of our tutor Gabrielle Shaw MW, discover the wines of the world.
Read the feedback attached from our past students who were all pleased to have studied WSET with Speechmark Bordeaux.  click here

 19/03/2014  WSET sessions for Levels 2 and 3

The next sessions of WSET will be:
Level 3: June 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th and 30th
Level 2: July 3rd, 4th and 7th
Please contact us for further details  click here

 12/07/2013  WSET - new dates for second semester 2013

Here are the dates for our next WSET courses in Bordeaux:

WSET level 1 Award in Wines: 25 November
WSET level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits: 28, 29 November and 2 December

please contact us for details  click here

 20/05/2013  The Union des Côtes de Bordeaux charm the US press

In association with Speechmark Bordeaux, the Union des Côtes de Bordeaux organised a press lunch for a dozen journalists in Manhattan at the Le Triomphe restaurant. Patricia Zabalza, Director of the Union together with some producers from the Cotes captured the audience during her presentation on this group that units not only wines of good value for money but also dynamic producers eager to reinforce their distribution on the US market.Our guests were delighted by the wines and pleased to get a chance to taste them in NYC.

 09/02/2013  WSET dates for next sessions

Here are the dates fixed for WSET classes in Bordeaux:
Level 1 Foundation: 16th April
Level 2 Intermediate: 30th, 31st May and 3rd June
Level 3 Advanced: 1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th and 29th July  click here

 13/01/2013  2012 an excellent vintage for Speechmark Bordeaux and WSET

In 2012, the Wine & Spririt Education Trust trained a record-breaking 44 000 students in the world through their accredited schools. Speechmark Bordeaux has been one of WSET’s providers since 2010 and has already trained over 100 students in this unique tasting approach. Most of our students are actually wine professionals: export sales managers, oenologists, technicians, coopers, administrative staff and wine tourism guides...who work for wine merchants or wine estates. Together with our expert tutor Gabrielle Shaw MW we look forward to teaching more students in 2013 on WSET courses, a great opportunity to become a wine expert yourself and to taste wines from all over the world.

 11/12/2012  The Cotes de Bordeaux charm Hong Kong’s wine press

Speechmark Bordeaux and their Hong Kong based partner organised a press lunch for the Union des Cotes de Bordeaux last November at Chez Patrick restaurant in Wan Chai Hong Kong. It was a great opportunity for Patricia Zabalza, Director of the Union des Cotes de Bordeaux to share the world of the Cotes with journalists from the major press such as Cru magazine, Wine Luxe and South China Morning Post.

 24/11/2012  WSET Advanced in January and February 2013

Sign up for the Advanced session of WSET
Next session will be held over 5 days on 28, 29 January, 4,5 and 18 February  click here

 10/09/2012  WSET FOUNDATION AWARD IN WINE ON 22/10/2012

We are organising the level 1 of WSET in the Bordeaux area on 22 October 2012
please contact us for details and enrolment  click here

 26/06/2012  Press event in Hong Kong - 2 poles of Cabernet Sauvignon

Speechmark Bordeaux and their Hong Kong-based partner Annabel Jackson organised an encounter with the local press for châteaux Brown and Lafon-Rochet.
A convivial moment spent at the Michelin-starred cantonese restaurant Dynasty. Lau Chi Sun, editor of Wine Now Monthly and speaker at the lunch made a meticulous choice of dishes to accompany the wines from two poles, north and south of Cabernet Sauvignon.

 17/04/2012  WSET Advanced - Level 3 in Wines & Spirits

Next session in Bordeaux on 2,3,9,10 and 23 July 2012
Contact Speechmark Bordeaux for more details   click here

 07/04/2012  Congratulations! 8 students pass the WSET Advanced Level 3

Speechmark Bordeaux together with their tutor Gabrielle Shaw MW organised the WSET Advanced level 3 for the first time in January. This was a big step from level 2 Intermediate, with an exam of 50 multiple choice questions, 5 written test and a blind tasting of 2 wines! Congratulations to the 8 students who passed this prestigious award:

Bruno Baudoux - Chateau Landon
Nathalie Bez - formatrice anglais du vin
Cécile Dupuis - Pierre Bourotte SAS
Antoine Gimbert- Millésima
Gilles Laurencin - Vignobles Laurencin
Sarah Ninin - formatrice anglais du vin
Nicolas Ravereau - Yvon Mau
Irene Vacher - Sarl Pierre Montagnac

 21/11/2011  Speechmark for Asia

Article in the Sud Ouest newspaper on Speechmark’s activities in Asia

 23/08/2011  Focus USA

For the last semester of 2011, Speechmark Bordeaux will be organising 2 courses that will specifically focus on the American wine market

24 and 25 October: Press Relations course special USA hosted by Roger Voss, European Editor for Wine Enthusiast magazine and Kathleen Buckley, freelance American journalist

28 November to 2 December: How to sell your wines to the USA with a week’s training in New York

Contact us to find out more   click here

 24/06/2011  WSET Intermediate in Wines & Spirits 20, 21 and 25 July 2011

Speechmark Bordeaux is accredited WSET, a wine tasting course with international recognition.

Learn about the wine regions of the world, key grape varieites and get a chance to taste over 40 wines

 18/03/2011  3 Chateaux Press Dinner

Together with our UK press partner Phillips-Hill Wine Marketing, Speechmark Bordeaux organised on 3 March a press dinner for 3 chateaux La Pointe, Marquis de Terme and La Dauphine. Three different appellations with different wines but with a number of similar objectives -Share their dynamic approach in the vines and cellars with the British wine press and communicating with the trade and consumers. The 3 producers spent a very enjoyable evening at the recently opened Michelin starred restaurant Gauthier Soho. The dinner was lively and full of interesting discussion on topics such as primeurs 2010, the current UK market and of course the wonderful meal made by top Chef Alexis Gauthier, that was a perfect match with the wines.
Among the journalists who attended were Margaret Rand (Decanter), Nicholas Faith (World of Fine Wine), Chris Losh (Imbibe), Gemma McKenna (Harpers) - all thrilled by this original idea of bringing together Pomerol, Fronsac and Margaux...all under the same roof!

 06/02/2011  How to sell your wines in the USA - Chicago April 2011

For the second year running and after a very successful educational trip to New York in 2010, Speechmark Bordeaux are organising another one this year to Chicago.
Dates 25 to 29 April 2011

 06/02/2011  Wine & Spirit Education Trust Intermediate Certificate 3, 4 and 7 March 2011

Our next session for the WSET Intermediate Certificate in wines and spirits will be on 3, 4 and 7 March 2011
Find out more in the presentation to download

 20/12/2010  Wine courses in English for 2011

Find out about all the wine courses Speechmark Bordeaux will be organising in 2011

 14/12/2010  Speechmark Bordeaux in India

Discover this wonderful wine journey with 5 Bordeaux Amazones organised by Speechmark Bordeaux

 06/11/2010  Training Session on How to develop your wine tourism 25 and 26 November 2010

In collaboration with the Maison des Vins de Graves, Speechmark Bordeaux is organising a training course on ’How to develop your wine tourism’

Our two experts, Jane Anson (journalist) and Mary Dardenne (Decanter Wine Tours) will give you all the tools and advice needed to create an attractive wine tourism package with a specific focus on foreign visitors

Dates: 25 and 26 November 2010
Venue: Maison des Vins de Graves in Podensac
Course conducted in English

Prices: Financed by the Fafsea
For non-Fafsea please contact us

Limited number of places available   click here

 01/10/2010  WSET Intermediate Certificate in Wines & Spirits - Dates 15, 16 and 22 November 2010

The WSET qualification is organised throughout the world and is recognized as an invaluable asset for people working in the wine trade. The level 2 WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust ®) focuses on the key grape varieties and regions of the world. It gives you the opportunity to improve your tasting skills with wines from all over the world (including sweet, fortified and sparkling wines...).

Our teacher, Gabrielle Shaw MW holds the prestigious title of Master of Wine and was a former accredited WSET tutor in Japan.

For further information, please complete the form  click here

 25/09/2010  The international press talk about Bordeaux wines

On 23 September, Speechmark Bordeaux was given the task of launching the new Official Selection of the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc 2008 to the UK wine press. The result was outstanding with the attendance of some very highly esteemed wine journalists such as Jancis Robinson, Steven Spurrier, Neal Martin, Stephen Brook, Robert Joseph, Charles Metcalfe…and other key wine writers.
The main aim of this press conference and tasting was to announce the official selection of Crus Bourgeois du Médoc 2008, that now undergo a rigorous procedure on an annual basis before they are given the right to use this term.
This event was organised together with our UK-based press partner Phillips-Hill Wine Marketing.

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